“They’ve disgraced our trade. Ruined our art. They put a woman on the stage!”


“It is required, you do awake your faith.”

June —


Robert Forknall

Robin Soutar

Alex Scott

Charlotte Quinney

Julia Cave

Jessica Rose Boyd

Casting Director
Suzy Catliff CDG

Company Stage Manager
Guy Benedict Jones

Assistant Stage Manager
James Kiell

Dawn Archer

Marketing Director
Howard Corley

Graphic Design
Dan Bull

Nic Dawkes


Nell Gwynn

Nell – Rhianna McGreevy

Charles II – Scott Ellis

Charles Hart – Nicholas Masters-Waage

Rose/Queen Catherine – Layomi Coker

Nancy – Beth Mullen

Lady Castlemaine/Louise de Keroualle – Jess Nesling

Thomas Killigrew/Lord Arlington – Matt Penson

Edward Kynaston – Rory Fairbairn

John Drydren – Albert Graver

Ned – Tegan Steward


The Winters Tale

Leontes – Scott Ellis

Hermione – Jess Nesling

Maximillius/Perdita – Tegan Steward

Camillo – Rory Fairbairn

Antigonus/Autolycus – Beth Mullen

Paulina – Rhianna McGreevy

Polixenes – Nicholas Masters-Waage

Florizel – Matt Penson

Young Shepherd – Albert Graver

Dion – Layomi Coker



Nell Gwynn
Jessica Swale

“They’ve disgraced our trade. Ruined our art. They put a woman on the stage!”

London, 1660, King Charles II has exploded onto the scene with the love of all things loud, extravagant and sexy. And at Drury Lane a young Nell Gwynn is causing stirrings amongst the theatregoers. Nell Gwynne charts the rise of an unlikely heroine, from her roots in Coal Yard Alley, to her success as Britain’s most celebrated actress, and her hard won place in the heart of the King. But at a time when women are second class citizens, can her charm and spirit protect her from the dangers of the court?

The British female playwright Jessica Swale’s Nell Gwynn premiered at Shakespeare’s Globe in 2015 and was nominated for five awards, winning a 2016 Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy.

The Winters Tale
William Shakespeare

“It is required, you do awake your faith.”

The Winter’s Tale, a wonderful fairy story set in Sicily and Bohemia. Leontes has everything a man could want, Wealth, power, a family that loves him and friends. But he is not at peace. Inside he harbours a bitter jealousy that drives him to destroy all he holds dear. Many years later, in a distant country, a journey begins that may ultimately heal his pain and reunite his family. With all the crazy antics of the Changeling magic, plus beautiful costumes and just hint of …ABBA

 The play contains Shakespeare’s most famous but challenging stage direction: ‘Exit, pursued by a bear.’