Part of our Summer Tour 2017

CLF Art Café,
Bussey Buidling, London

Commercial Love
Foundation (CLF)

A commercial Humanitarian company, set up in 2003 by Creative Arts Entrepreneur Jazzheadchronic Mickey Smith, Drummer / Producer / Arranger Marque Gilmore, Leading Barrister David Malone and Daige Mahone Ex Vice Chairman Sony Black Music. [The CLF Run soley since 2005 by Mickey Smith and partner Saija Kamaraianen] it’s purpose – to make positive global change through the implementation of creative projects in the commercial arts that simultaneously  re-educate and raise funds to target and help eradicate the world solvable problems. The Millennium Goals if you will.

ITreatable diseases where vaccines are needed, supply of clean water, real sustainable solutions to the world problems. Having presented major ideas to Eg The head of the DFID and been shortlisted by The likes of Aardman Animation, Cosgorve Hall and The BBC, we were advise to go it alone and set up our own infrastructure. Something we took note of and began focusing more on CLF Grass roots projects in order to build a firm foundation for our larger global plans.

The CLF Theatre seat’s up to 100 people. Please note the Theatre is on the 3rd floor, so those who have problems with stairs, or for those requiring disabled access, please make yourselves known and we will arrange for Lift access.

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