We few, we happy few, we band of brothers




July —


Robert Forknall

General Manager
Dawn Archer

Alice McNicholas

Graphic Design
Dan Bull

Brand and content
Jill Hogan

Music                        Jake Setters

Movement                 Tom Applebaum

Production SM        Steff Andrews

ASM                     Amelia Costello

Casting                   Emily Jones





Henry V                     Giles Malcolm

Archbishop/Dauphin  George Naylor

Bishop/King of France Suzy Kohane

Gower/Scroop         Rosie Taylor- Ritson

Princess Katherine/Williams  Joanne McGarvy

Alice/Hostess           Lily Carr

Constable/ Fluellen  Guy van Onselen

Montjoy/Boy         Isabel Watson

Exeter/Pistol        Johnny Allison

other parts played by members of the company




Henry V
William Shakespeare

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers

A young superstar King has ascended the English throne. When his advisors tell him the French throne is rightfully his too, Henry falls for their persuasion. An insult from the Dauphin – heir to the French throne – is enough to trigger Henry, who gathers a mighty fleet and invades France.

After defeating the French at Harfleur and Agincourt, the young King makes the old King of France swear to hand the throne to him on his death, making him King of both countries. To seal the deal he marries the old King’s daughter, Princess Katherine.

Based on the events of the Hundred Years’ War, Henry V is much more than a historical documentary. It is a play about the merits of war, set against the moral and personal cost of conflict. 

Once more unto the breach dear friends

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